Veritas Technology Ecosystem (VTE)


Veritas Technology Ecosystem (VTE)

The Veritas Technology Ecosystem Program (VTE) facilitates unique partnerships with a variety of technology companies who are committed to establish interoperability between their product offerings and Veritas solutions.

Through standardized test procedures and development tools, partners can test, integrate, and certify their product offerings with Veritas solutions resulting in expanded market opportunity. Together with our technology partners, Veritas is committed to reducing the complexity within our customers’ IT environments.

Membership Options

The VTE Program offers two membership tiers:


For companies that want to establish a basic technology relationship with Veritas. At this level, Veritas provides partners with basic tools and services to enable product interoperability testing, including Not-for-Resale software, product installation and configuration support, cooperative technical support for joint customer issues via TSANet, visibility on Veritas’ website, and access to the VTE logo.



A higher level of engagement for partners interested in integrating their products with Veritas solutions through access to certification services. Services at this level vary by Technology Track, and include access to SDKs, developer support, integration validation and certification tools. Learn more about Technology Tracks in the Technology Tracks Overview Download section.

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