Russia/Belarus– sanctions update 10 March 2022


Due to the recent US and EU sanctions, Veritas is currently prohibited from and has suspended selling or supplying Veritas offerings and related technical support and services, business critical support, upgrades and updates, spare parts, remote and onsite support and technical information to any person/entity/business in Russia and in Belarus (including existing customers) or for use in Russia or Belarus, whether directly or indirectly via its distributors and resellers.

In light of these current sanctions and prohibitions, Veritas is hereby notifying partner, that partner must be alert to any potential diversion risk and must screen any end customer order to ensure partner does not (and does not enable any other company to):

  • sell or provide Veritas products (including appliances and software licenses), technical support or services (whether remotely or onsite); or
  • disclose any technical information in relation to Veritas offerings or Veritas technology

to any person/business in Russia or Belarus (including existing customers) or for use in Russia and Belarus.

Any sale by Partner in contravention of the applicable US and EU export laws, would constitute a material breach of your agreement(s) with Veritas including without limitation the Veritas Partner Code of Conduct and the Veritas Partner Force Agreement.

For further information please refer to the trade compliance pages within and