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Corporate Licensing Program


Program Overview

The Corporate Licensing Program is designed to provide private sector companies an easy way to purchase use within a single country, without time-consuming negotiations.

Customers can use this program to purchase all Veritas availability products, support and maintenance options.

Features and Benefits

  • No minimum purchase
  • Access to entire solution portfolio
  • Built in discounts specifically for academic organizations
  • Easy to buy – no contracts or legal review required
  • License deployment in country of purchase*
  • Built in Quantity Tiered discounts within specific product families
  • Standard certificate based terms and conditions

*Subject to EU Free Movement of Goods

How to purchase

  • Your customer request a quote and submits their PO to you
  • You purchase the order and your customer will receive a confirmation certificate directly from Veritas
  • Your customer is assigned a unique identifier which they can use to view and track the purchase


Customer Licensing Programs

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