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Volume Purchase Agreement Licensing Program


Program Overview

For organizations seeking consistent and reliable pricing, the Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) offers purchasing predictability via pre-agreed discounting fixed for the period of your customer's agreement with Veritas. Your customer's initial investment establishes the discount that they will continue to receive over a two or three year period.

Features and Benefits

  • Access to all software and support options*
  • Fixed discounts across all offerings, maintenance and support renewals for the life of the agreement
  • Can accommodate central and de-centralized purchasing
  • The Veritas Agreement Number (VAN) grants access to the fixed discounts
  • Enables global deployment of Veritas software
  • Simplified ordering process through your usual route to purchase

*Select product and services must be handled as an exception and may not be available via standard terms.

Volume Purchase Agreement Criteria

  • Minimum purchase required to participate
  • Essential support must accompany all products
  • Global deployment restrictions may apply
  • Select products and services made available on an exception basis

How to purchase

Volume Purchase Agreements require negotiation. Please engage your Veritas Partner Success Manager to see if this option is a good fit for your customer.

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