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Veritas Service Provider Licensing Program (VSPP)


Program Overview

As a VSPP Partner, you can purchase or consume Veritas software, hardware and hosted products in the manner that best aligns to how you do business with your customers, whether that be:

  • Upfront in a specific transaction, locking in your best long-term pricing,
  • Spread your investment out over time, providing access to more technology for annual payments, or
  • Pay as you consume the product, paying only for what you use.

Designed to genuinely meet the needs of service providers of all types, from small business to the enterprise, VSPP is designed to value you as our partner, and deliver the best-in-class storage management offerings to your customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Consolidated, flexible licensing models that can be tailored to how you serve your customers:
    • Perpetual Use Rights
    • Subscription
    • Consumption (Pay-as-you-go) quarterly billing in arrears
  • Maintain direct relationship with your customers:
    • Position yourself as a trusted advisor delivering best-in-class service offerings
    • Customers depend on you for support / upgrades
  • Access to the current / past versions of Veritas software available under maintenance/support:
    • Self-service access, as soon as a product is released
    • Ability to continue to deploy older versions of software to existing customers, subject to VSPP requirements
  • Programmatic and volume discounting, rewarding you for your increased levels of purchase or commitment:
    • Term based, greater discounts for longer support terms purchased
    • Volume based, greater discounts for minimum purchase commitment(s)
  • Internal Use Licenses (NFR) for demo, development and support


A managed service provider partner is:

A company who, as part of their business model, provides hosting, cloud or managed services to independent companies (under different ownership) and incorporates Veritas technology into a larger service offering. These services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Integration with Veritas Partner Force

The Veritas Partner Force (VPF) Program is designed to reward our Partners’ capability, commitment and growth. For qualified providers, there is a new ‘Service Provider’ associate program within VPF that unlocks product and service enablement, marketing tools and additional training resources to help build your service business including:

  • Partner Portal Access to free Sales/Technical Training
  • Proposal-based marketing funds
  • Access to Partner Marketing Resource Center, for joint marketing materials
  • Use of a new 'Service Provider Expert' logo & certificate
  • Listing as a Service Provider Expert on the Veritas Partner Locator
  • GTM Playbooks

Join the Service Provider associate program


Program at a Glance

RequirementsVSPP Licensing Program

Agreement Required?

Yes, a Veritas Agreement Number (VAN) is required for participation.

Minimum Purchase / Commitment?

None for standard business. An initial purchase or minimum annual revenue commitment (MARC) may be required for negotiated agreements with special pricing or terms.

Licensing Models Available?

Perpetual, Subscription and Consumption Licensing.

License Deployment Rights?

In country of purchase standard, regional or global deployment available.

Support Options?

Essential Support is bundled standard with all VSPP licenses. BCS support available.

Support Renewals?

Yes, for Perpetual licensing. It is a requirement for continued participation in the VSPP Program.



Asset NameDescription

Veritas Partner Licensing Programs At-A-Glance

A detailed overview of each of the Veritas Partner Licensing Programs and the benefits of each

VSPP Flyer

A program overview of the combined benefits of VSPP & the Veritas PartnerForce Programs!

VSPP Datasheet

High level overview of VSPP, key features & benefits, and who is eligible to join the program.


More Information

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  • For more information on this Licensing Program, please contact your local Veritas Partner Success Manager or your authorized Fulfilment Partner of choice
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