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Strategic Service Provider Program


Program Overview

  • Designed to enable Service Providers to easily license Veritas products to provide outsourced and managed services to their customers.
  • This program is tailored to meet the needs of Managed and Outsourced Service Providers, Prime Contractors or Global Service Providers who need predictable upfront costs, software ownership and license transfer rights.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintain a direct relationship with your customers and develop a strong position as a trusted advisor
    • No direct Veritas notices to your customers
  • Access to the most current versions of the software available under maintenance/support
  • Integrate Veritas products or services as part of your larger service offering
    • Dedicate license or service entitlements to a single customer, or
    • With approval, share license or service entitlements across a multi-customer solution
  • Retain license transfer capabilities to transfer Veritas entitlements to your customers if needed at the end of your contracted relationship
  • Volume discounts: Rewarded for increased levels of commitment
    • Negotiated program discounts determined by the type of Service Provider business model and a minimum annual revenue commitment


  • Become a member of the Veritas Partner Force program (any tier)
  • Complete the Strategic Service Provider (SSP) Licensing Agreement
  • Meet one of the following Service Provider Models:
    • Application Service Provider (ASP)
    • Communication Service Provider (Telco/CommSP)
    • Cloud Solution Broker (CSB)
    • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
    • Global System Integrator/Service Provider (GSP/GSI)
    • Internet Access or Solution Providers (IAP/ISP)
    • Managed or Outsourced Service Provider (MSP/OSP)



At a Glance

FeaturesStrategic Service Provider Licensing Program
Agreement Required?

Yes, A Veritas Agreement Number (VAN) is needed

Minimum Purchase Requirements?

Yes, there is a minimum purchase of at least $20K USD or in region equivalent

Pre-purchase of Licenses?Yes
Minimum Revenue Commitment?None to participate, required for any additional discounts
License Deployment Rights?In country of purchase, global deployment available

Support Options?

Standard Essential Support is provided, BCS Support is offered

Support Renewals?

Yes, renewal of support is a requirement for continued participation in the SSP Program


How to enroll

Become a Veritas Partner by enrolling in the Partner Force Program.
Find out how to enroll in the Partner Force Program

Once enrolled, contact your Veritas Partner Success Manager for assistance in requesting an SSP Agreement to be created for you. You will need your Partner Program ID number that you were assigned by joining Partner Force.


More information

Contact Us

  • For more information on this Licensing Program, please contact your local Veritas Partner Success Manager.
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