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System Builder Program


Delivering Veritas branded availability solutions for your small business customers and consumer customers.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of system builders and system integrators, the System Builder Licensing program offers the right Veritas products, cost-effective packaging, market-sensitive pricing, and the training and support required for your success.

  • Veritas System Builder products are offered in convenient system builder packs (1 or 3 packs).
  • Each of the solutions are pre-packaged in a plain box containing individual polybags based on license pack purchased (i.e. 3-Pack has 3 polybags).
  • Each polybag contains the program terms and conditions, the CD containing the product, a product information card, the license agreement and certificate of authenticity.

Program Requirements

By purchasing Veritas System Builder Products you will be considered a “System Builder”, and you agree with the following System Builder Licensing Program Requirements, which may change from time to time.

  • System Builder Products must not be advertised or sold on a stand-alone basis. Each System Builder product must be sold in conjunction with a computer system or larger solution.
  • The license fee for System Builder Products shall be included in the price of the bundle and must not be visible to the End User.
  • System Builders must not modify or disable any portion of the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) provided with the System Builder Products by Veritas.
  • System Builders shall maintain an active website or a physical storefront/business location accessible by Veritas.
  • System Builders may only purchase System Builder Products from an authorized System Builder Distributor.
  • System Builders shall advertise and distribute only the current shipping version of the Veritas product offering.
  • When purchasing single or 3 Pack kits, by opening the package, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the System Builder Program.

Some System Builder Edition Products may include an annual subscription to content updates that are enabled upon the end customer’s acceptance of the end user license agreement.

To ensure that your customers receive the full length of the limited subscription to content updates, please do not accept the end user license agreement on behalf of your customer.


At this time, Veritas is no longer approving applications for entry into the System Builder Licensing Program, however, you can contact your preferred System Builder Fulfillment Partner of choice for purchasing.

Current authorized System Builder Program participants are welcome to continue to purchase their products from the authorized System Builder Distributor of their choice.

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