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Access is a software-defined storage solution optimized to the requirements of long-term retention storage. It uses intelligent policies to optimize data placement on-premises or on private/public clouds. Access provides resiliency, multi-protocol access and automated data movement to realize increased primary storage performance, cost-effectiveness and scalability. It’s the only LTR solution deeply integrated with NetBackup, the gold standard in data protection.

To increase business agility, Access has two deployment options: appliance (“turnkey deployment”) and software-defined (”bring your own server”).

Product News

The 7.4.2 release of Access provides the following key capabilities:

  • Access is integrated with NetBackup for storing deduplicated backup data
  • Enables Media Server High Availability
  • Global Deduplication Across multiple Media Servers and multiple NetBackup domains
  • Disaster recovery solutions with NetBackup AIR
  • Supports client-direct as well as Media Server deduplication configurations
  • Support for NetBackup encryption
  • Data migration from ODD & Cloud Catalyst solutions to Veritas Data Deduplication-based integrated solution
  • New Licensing: Per-TB licensing model based on both capacity and subscription period.
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