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Enterprise Vault


Enterprise Vault Suite is an archiving platform that bridges the gap between business, legal and IT, helping organizations intelligently store, manage, discover and understand their unstructured information. Advanced Classification and Supervision enables customers to meet global privacy and financial regulations.

Enterprise Vault 12.3 provides many new capabilities including:

  • Improved Office 365 Archiving via scalability improvements and automated provisioning.   EV Journaling for O365 will now support customers of any size. 
  • GDPR Compliance – Updated classification policies now support identifying personal data for most European Union countries.   New Privileged Delete provides a quick response to “Right to be Forgotten” requests by allowing targeted deletions from archived content.
  • Classification Defined Storage provides hybrid archiving where content is stored optimally.  Content can be sent to cloud, WORM or standard on-premise storage based on classification tags applied by the Veritas Information Classifier.

Prepare your customers for GDPR

As a key component in the Veritas Information Governance portfolio, visit the GDPR page and read the GDPR Cheat Sheet to understand how this product helps customers with regulatory compliance.

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