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360 Data Management for GDPR


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The European Unions General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most sweeping reform to data privacy in over 20 years and is set to become law in May, 2018.

It drives mandates to oblige better accountability, transparency and responsibility in how personal data is used and non-compliance will be met with substantial penalties.

GDPR is an opportunity to help your customers on their journey to regulatory readiness and accelerate their digital transformation with an intelligent approach to GDPR compliance.

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Veritas Perspective on GDPR

360 Data Management for GDPR Framework

Veritas’ 360 Data Management for GDPR Framework simplifies the regulation into actionable components and provides guidance that enables you to help your customers:

  • Pinpoint GDPR Maturity
  • Map and Classify Personal Data
  • Protect and Delete Data as Necessary

Download 360 Data Management for GDPR Solution Brochure and Brief.

What GDPR means for your customers

The regulation introduces new guidelines that enhances data subject’s rights, requires storage limitation and strict breach notification rules that will require a solid Information Governance strategy to support the compliance journey.

Your customers need to action this now - 54% of organizations have not started preparing for GDPR

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For more information on the Veritas Advisory and Assessment services, please visit Veritas.com/GDPR

GDPR Use Case Product Click Through Demonstrations

The presentations below highlight how you can use these products to ensure GDPR compliance.

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