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Information Map


Information Map renders your unstructured information in visual context and guides you towards unbiased, information-governance decision making. Using the Information Map’s dynamic navigation, customers can identify areas of risk, areas of value and areas of waste across their environment and make decisions which reduce information risk and optimize information storage.

Help your customers see in the dark: Dark Data Calculator

With minimal input of customer details, the Dark Data Calculator uses the Veritas Data Genomics and Global Databerg research to show the extent of the Dark Data challenge.

Dark Data Calculator

Offer your customers a free trial of Information Map

Information Map provides an immersive visual experience for your customers to gain insight into their organization’s unstructured information. Presenting metadata in a visual fashion, the Information Map helps organizations optimize information storage and reduce information risk. In order to use Information Map the following pre-requisites must be met:

  • Running NetBackup 7.5 or later
  • (OR) Running NetBackup Appliances 2.5 or later
  • Protecting information with standard, ms-windows, NDMP, vmware or hyper-v policies
  • Willing to use a North American based SaaS service

Prepare your customers for GDPR

As a key component in the Veritas Information Governance portfolio, visit the GDPR page and read the GDPR Cheat Sheet to understand how this product helps customers with regulatory compliance.

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