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Information Studio is a comprehensive, intelligent data platform that helps organizations address their data-related challenges. With the power to organize data and take informed action, organizations can confidently prepare to handle security concerns, new regulations and continuous data growth to ultimately regain control of their data with:

  • NetBackup visibility: Optimize backup and recovery time by ensuring backup policies are created for data of equal value. For example, put all important business data in on policy and non-essential data in another policy.
  • Data privacy compliance: Identify sensitive and personal data with 120+ policies for customization and 700+ patterns for regulatory compliance with GDPR, CCPA, etc. Search for text strings such as named entities or classification matches (personal information attributes) to quickly identify files containing information for subject access request responses.
  • Migration to the cloud: Visualize data sources on-premises and in the cloud to provide visibility and targeted analysis and take informed action on data. Delete data with no business value and determine which data remains on-premises and what can move to the cloud.

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