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Information Studio


Information Studio is a comprehensive intelligent data platform that helps organizations address their data-related challenges. A virtual appliance deployed on-premises that goes beyond visibility and provides the insight needed to make critical information governance decisions and eventually monetize information assets. With the power to classify data and take informed action, organizations can be confidently prepared to handle security concerns, new regulations and continuous data growth to ultimately regain control of their data.

Key Benefits

  • Automated classification identifies stale, risky and unnecessarily kept data to address data privacy and compliance regulations.
  • Data classification also helps to identify valuable data that’s currently buried.
  • Cloud on on-premises data connectors offer a comprehensive view of data to break down storage silos and gain better visibility into the data.
  • Informed action on data mitigates compliance risk and frees up/eliminates unnecessary storage.
  • Robust file analysis aggregates metadata to better understand data type, ownership, access, age, etc to better determine areas of waste,risk and value.

Information Studio Overview

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