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As the #1 data protection solution for two decades, NetBackup can protect any workload, scale to any size and type of environment and deliver value in 3 clicks from any administrator. Veritas delivers the broadest spectrum of protection for the newest, fastest growing workloads with the most comprehensive set of APIs to simplify and automate data protection for physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments.

This modern approach provides an end-to-end web-based user experience designed to deliver value in three clicks, and protects more data, servers, and VMs than any other solution. Deploy the all-in-one solution with an agentless architecture in under 5 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Secure, role-based administration with access control and audit tracking
  • Agentless point-and-click restores of files on virtual machines
  • Orchestrate snapshots of cloud workloads in AWS, Microsoft and Google
  • Automate provisioning and ticket creation with extensive REST API libraries
  • Faster upgrades with automatic client updates and more Appliance options
  • Real-time usage and consumption reporting through Smart Meter

Read the datasheet and Reasons to upgrade for more details.

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