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Velocity is no longer sold as a standalone product, but can be bought as part of the 360 Data Management Suite Gold Edition.

Velocity accelerates and streamlines data access by providing rapid, self-service access to the right data at the right time without the burden of creating, storing and maintaining physical copies or relying on resource dependencies.

By storing a single copy of production data ingested directly from NetBackup or the source, Velocity instantly provisions virtual copies on-demand, eliminating the need for multiple physical copies that increase storage cost and risk. Unlike physical copies, virtual copies occupy a fraction of space and take seconds to create. Virtual copies are instantly available to authorized users through a self-service portal which enables data access in minutes not days, dramatically reduces copy data sprawl and minimizes information risk. Experience the new world of rapid data access with Velocity.

Why sell Velocity?

  • More than 60% of enterprise accounts are considering copy data management solutions to better address their evolving data management needs
  • Increase your sales, reach your quota quicker and move onto accelerators faster by selling industry-leading copy data management and data protection solutions
  • Keep out emerging competitors who want to displace NetBackup with an isolated copy data management solution
  • As the data management market evolves, Velocity is set to become a key part of the solution that addresses the future of Information Management, opening up doors with C-Level executives and fueling more strategic conversations within your accounts.
Product Overview
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