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Veritas Partner Force Partner


Become a Veritas Partner Force Partner

In a few easy steps, you can set yourself up as a Reseller Partner. Let Veritas help you deliver the solutions customers trust, earn more by doing what you do best, and grow and evolve your business.

  1. Contact a Distributor
    Ensure you have an account with a preferred Veritas Distributor to purchase products to resell.
  2. Access PartnerNet
    Enroll in the Veritas Partner Force Partner Program to gain access to resources, tools and benefits for your investments.

Enroll in Veritas Partner Force

Veritas Partner Force Program Overview

When you become a Veritas Partner Force Reseller Partner, Veritas helps you to deliver the solutions customers trust, earn more by doing what you do best, and grow and evolve your business. We keep these goals in mind to help you:

  • Be better equipped to deliver the solutions your customers trust with Veritas Competencies and an innovative, more integrated technology portfolio.
  • Accelerate your success with access to better performance-based benefits that reward you for excelling in your core areas of business and support you as you venture into new areas.
  • Make progress across key markets and better align your strategies with Veritas solutions by leveraging tools and resources available to you through the Veritas Partner Force Program.

Download the Partner Force Program Guide


The Veritas Competency framework, recognizes partners who demonstrate proficiency in particular solution and delivery areas.

The Veritas Partner Force Program is built on the foundation of Competencies, acknowledging your skills and capabilities, performance and proven delivery of customer success. Achievement of competencies help to determine your membership tier and qualification for associated benefits within the Veritas Partner Force Program.

Learn more about Veritas Competencies

Partner Program Tier Overview

The entry point to the Veritas Partner Program is the Registered Partner tier.


As a Registered tier partner, you’ve taken the first step in building a partnership with Veritas. You have access to core benefits, training and tools to help you build the knowledge and solutions-expertise you need to address your customers’ unique business challenges.

Registered status within the Partner Program requires no Competencies.


As a Silver tier partner, you have progressed beyond the Registered tier and have achieved at least one Principal Competency. You have access to transactional benefits including Opportunity Registration to help support your growth and to enhanced sales, marketing and technical benefits that will help you further develop the skills required to reach new customers.


As a Gold tier partner, you have invested more deeply in your Veritas partnership through the achievement of at least one Expert Competency. You also demonstrate validated proficiency in delivering customer satisfaction.

Gold tier partners who have invested in growing beyond Principal level Competency to achieve Expert Competency in one or more solution areas will have access to a richer set of financial benefits, including Opportunity Registration, the Growth Accelerator Rebate and Development Funds designed to reward your performance and help you drive business growth.


As a Platinum tier partner, you are Veritas’s most invested partners, have achieved at least two Expert Competencies, and have demonstrated validated proficiency in delivering customer value across the related solution areas.

Platinum tier partners have access to increased strategic benefits, including enhanced Opportunity Registration benefits, the Growth Accelerator Rebate and Development Funds to support your business development and marketing activities.

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