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Veritas Technology Ecosystem (VTE)


Membership Options

Three levels of membership are available: Open (Developer Network), Professional (Focus on interoperability testing), and Elite (Focus on product certification). The different levels are tailored to fit your company's needs to help you grow your business, and to support customers with their business transformation requirements to the cloud.

Open - Developer Network

The Open level is intended for developers who want to gain access to a select list of Veritas open APIs through the VTE Open Developer Network. Participants in this community are encouraged to join the Veritas VOX community, a discussion forum for like-minded developers. To join send an email to: vte@veritas.com. Registration takes no time at all. Once registration is complete, you are eligible to receive the Veritas Technology Ecosystem Partner logo.

Professional - Interoperability Testing

Professional level is targeted for companies interested in interoperability testing and support. Benefits range from Not-For-Resale time-sensitive software license keys, access to a variety of Veritas joint marketing assets, VTE Professional program logo, product training, access to select Veritas APIs, technical support and much more. The membership fee is $4,000 USD annually.

Elite - Product Certification

Elite level is intended for companies interested in forming a deeper partnership with Veritas. Elite partners join one of the VTE Technology Tracks ($10,000 USD each) to develop a certified integrated solution on Veritas technology through access to APIs, SDKs and Self-Test Kits. Upon certification, your company’s fully integrated solution is published to the Veritas Product Compatibility List on Veritas.com, and you are awarded the VTE Certified Product logo and certificate. Membership at the ELITE level also requires the annual program fee of $4,000 USD. (See Program Overview for details).

Learn more about VTE Technology Tracks in the Technology Tracks Overview Descriptions document on the right.

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Please send your VTE Program inquiries to vte@veritas.com.

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