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License and Support Renewal Notification Process


We use different methods to drive customer license renewal efficiency for Reseller Partners in our Enterprise customer segment.

Partners with renewal opportunities that qualify for the quarter are notified by phone of upcoming renewal opportunities and your customers are sent email notifications prior to license or support expiration on the following schedule:

  • The 60-day and the 30-day renewal notices encourage your customer to renew via their preferred partner, and they provide information on the reseller of record.
  • The 5-day and the 30-day post-expiration notices direct your customer to their preferred partner, and provide the option to renew online.
  • At 15-days after expiration, your customer will receive follow-up phone calls. Your customer is encouraged to work with their partner, or to renew through the call center.

We help you drive your revenue stream in the Enterprise segment by prompting your customers to renew, and include information on their original partner.

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